Choosing the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon For You

In any aesthetic surgery procedure, the quality of the final outcome is often inextricably linked to the expertise of a given plastic surgeon. As such, the importance of finding a skilled facial plastic surgeon to perform your treatment of interest can make the research process seem intimidating. To help you parse through your available options, Dr. Scott Shadfar has provided some tips on selecting a well-qualified plastic surgeon to perform your facial enhancement:

  • Learn whether your prospective surgeon is board-certified. A surgeon’s accreditation by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) can convey a greater degree of surgical training, as well as an ongoing commitment to learning new techniques within the field, than practitioners who are not board-certified. With a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, you can trust that the person performing your procedure has practiced otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) extensively and exclusively.
  • Research whether he or she specializes in your treatment of interest. Specialization typically indicates a certain degree of prowess or considerable experience performing a given procedure, which can both be essential to maximizing your final results. You can discover whether a plastic surgeon specializes in the treatment you are considering by exploring their website, or by asking them in a consultation.
  • Ask them how often they perform your procedure of interest. If a prospective surgeon doesn’t specialize in your potential surgery, inquire how frequently they perform the procedure. It is often true that the more a surgeon performs a particular treatment, the better versed they can be in achieving optimal results and reacting appropriately in the rare event that complications arise.
  • View facial surgery before-and-after photos. Find a surgeon whose previous work aligns with your desired aesthetic. The outcomes achieved from patients who have already undergone your treatment of interest can be indicative of your own potential results.
  • Read online patient reviews from multiple platforms. These testimonials or critiques can offer valuable insight into previous patients’ levels of satisfaction, as well as the type of care a plastic surgeon is capable of providing.

Your consultation is an opportunity to ask a prospective surgeon any and all questions you may have about a procedure, or regarding their credentials. Meeting him or her in person can also help you ascertain whether you feel confident entrusting them with your care. For more information on what to look for in a facial plastic surgeon, please contact Dr. Scott Shadfar at the Aesthetic Institute of Oklahoma today.

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