Mole and Lesion Removal


The Art of Lesion Removal

The appearance of skin lesions on the face such as moles, freckles, pigmented patches or skin tags can cause some clients to suffer embarrassment, self-consciousness and low self-esteem. Others request lesion removal because of changes in shape, size, or concerns of suspicious lesions. Either way, often lesions are very prominent on the face and our Oklahoma City facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Shadfar, approaches each removal with an aim to maintain both form and function.

The Technique

Dr. Shadfar will evaluate each patient and discuss the individual options for lesion removal. The approach for removal depends on the size, shape, and location of the mole or lesion. All procedures are done in office and under local anesthesia. These can range from laser ablation, simple shaves, or larger excisional biopsies.

The Recovery

Following the surgery, Dr. Shadfar will see the patient in clinic and check all incisions, and go over all wound care measures. Dependent on the approach taken, the patient may experience minimal swelling and downtime.

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