Mohs Surgery

The Art of
Facial Reconstruction

The diagnosis of skin cancer can be devastating and often patients will present with large defects that were unexpected based on the size of the surface lesion. The tip of the iceberg phenomenon. Our Oklahoma City facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Shadfar, approaches each reconstruction with an aim to restore both form and function.

The Technique

Reconstructing a defect following skin cancer or lesion removal can be accomplished through a variety of techniques. Dr. Shadfar will evaluate each patient and discuss the individual options for reconstruction.

The Recovery

The morning after the surgery, Dr. Shadfar will see the patient in clinic and check all incisions, and go over all wound care measures. Dependent on the approach taken, the patient may experience tightness and numbness of the operated area. Swelling is expected and the patient must continue with cool compresses and keep the head elevated. If sutures are used on the outside they are removed on day 7 following the surgery. Patients usually have minimal downtime of 1-2 weeks before returning to work, and we ask those patients traveling from out of town to stay for routine checks during this time period.

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