What Are the Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery?

Over time, the descension of skin in the brow and/or forehead region can cause many women and men to appear sad, tired, or angry—even when they feel quite the opposite. Fortunately, a drooping forehead or brow line is a relatively common aging concern that can usually be treated easily and effectively through brow lift surgery. Depending on your specific needs, a brow lift—also known as a forehead lift—can be customized to help:

  • Elevate a drooping brow to a more youthful and desirable position
  • Minimize the appearance of deep forehead creases and furrows between the eyebrows
  • Lift sagging skin that may be impeding a full range of vision
  • Eliminate excess skin and relieve muscle tension in the forehead/brow region
    Create a happier, more “rested” facial aesthetic
  • In addition to these benefits, brow lift surgery can often be performed in combination with procedures such as blepharoplasty and facelift surgery for a more comprehensive enhancement.

    If you are considering a forehead lift, I strongly recommend seeking the expertise of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. There are many different approaches to brow lifting, and a board-certified facial plastic surgeon should have the training and experience necessary to employ the most appropriate technique for your unique goals.

    – Scott Shadfar, MD

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