Is Lower Blepharoplasty Right for Me?

Eyelid LiftFine lines, visible “bags,” crepey skin, and dark circles below the eyes are a few of the numerous aging symptoms that can affect one’s lower eyelids over time. Commonly caused by factors such as fat protrusion, skin laxity, and sun overexposure, these cosmetic issues often create an unrested and/or exhausted appearance for many individuals, regardless of how they truly feel.

For women and men seeking to address signs of aging in the lower eyelids, lower blepharoplasty can frequently prove to be a great solution. Also known as lower eyelid surgery, this technique is employed to remove excess fat and lax, redundant skin, as well as to tighten the remaining skin for a smoother overall contour. After the procedure, the top of the cheeks and lower eyelids should blend naturally together, and the presence of “bags,” fat bulges, and/or dark circles should be eliminated. The final result is generally a refreshed and rejuvenated facial appearance.

If you are interested in lower blepharoplasty, it is important to consult a Board Certified facial plastic surgeon who has vast experience in all blepharoplasty methods. Following a thorough examination of your unique needs and goals, he or she can help you determine if lower eyelid surgery, upper eyelid surgery, or a combination of the two would most effectively address your aesthetic concerns.

Scott Shadfar, MD

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