The Art of
Facial Implants

All faces have a degree of asymmetry, and facial asymmetry can result from congenital or traumatic causes. The use of facial implants can have a dramatic effect on the contour and symmetry of the face, and help accentuate desired features. This can transform the face and help to regain facial harmony.

The Technique

There are several types of implants, and the approaches associated with each can vary. Most implants can be placed under local anesthesia, sedation, or a general anesthetic. The placement of implants often complement other procedures including, rhinoplasty, facelift or neck liposuction, and can be performed simultaneously.

The Recovery

The following day, Dr. Shadfar—our facial plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City—will see the patient in clinic and check all incisions as well as go over all wound care measures dependent on the approach taken. Patients should expect swelling following placement of facial implants, which resolves after the first week. Patients usually have minimal downtime of 1 week before returning to work, and we ask those patients traveling from out of town to stay for routine checks during this time period.

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