What are the Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery?

Nearly five percent of all children are born with ear irregularities of varying degrees. While these conditions do not often directly affect the physical health of a child or adult, there can be psychological ramifications from feelings of embarrassment, social anxiety, or teasing. Otoplasty offers an effective way to reposition and reshape the ears for a more symmetrical, harmonious appearance.

Common aesthetic ear irregularities include:

● Prominent ears that protrude too far from the head
● Large or misshapen earlobes
● Bent tip of the ear (“lop ear”)
● “Cupped” or “shell” ear
● Ears without folds and creases

Our experienced facial plastic surgeon can perform otoplasty to effectively reshape the ears. For patients who have prominent ears, this procedure is designed to reposition them closer to the sides of the head and create a more balanced look.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits offered by otoplasty, many patients – particularly children – can experience a significant boost in confidence after the procedure. Though most patients undergo otoplasty between 4-14 years of age, the procedure can benefit men and women of any age.

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