Lip Augmentation

Given the relative position of the lips within the central and lower portions of the face, accentuation of the lips can play a critical role in establishing aesthetic facial harmony. Oklahoma City dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Shadfar uses both surgical and non-surgical techniques to highlight the lips, restore volume, and enhance the overall cosmetic outcome.

Lip Augmentation And Lip Lift Procedures

There are several options to enhance the lips, all of which can be performed under local anesthesia, sedation, or a general anesthetic. The most commonly used technique for lip enhancement is the non-surgical placement of dermal fillers, such as Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®. Other options for lip enhancement include surgical lip advancement and a subnasal lip lift. The surgical options are outpatient procedures and patients can return home on the same day.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is designed to improve the appearance of the lips by restoring fullness to thin lips, increasing definition in the upper and/or lower lips, or otherwise augmenting the lips with surgical or non-surgical approaches. There are a number of cosmetic dermal fillers that can be used to refine the lips without the anesthesia or downtime associated with major surgery. State-of-the-art formulations found in JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® include hyaluronic acid — a naturally-occurring substance in the body that bonds with water molecules, effectively resulting in a “plumping” effect for certain applications. Depending on the filler utilized and your cosmetic goals, this non-surgical lip augmentation can add natural-looking volume to the lips for a fuller, more sensual aesthetic, or create a more desirable lip contour through meticulous injections. The longevity of the results achieved with non-surgical lip augmentation depends on the type of filler used, but the final outcome of treatment has been known to last as long as 6 to 12 months for some patients.

Lip augmentation by way of fat transfer injections can also be an excellent way to rejuvenate the lips. This surgical approach repurposes a patient’s own tissue — found elsewhere on the body and harvested through liposuction — to plump up thin or undefined lips. Fat transfer is often considered a highly effective way to replenish areas of the face that experience a volume deficit and the process is commonly applied towards lip augmentation. Plus, results are known to last longer than the outcome provided by dermal fillers. Dr. Shadfar can examine your facial concerns to help you determine which technique is optimal for your treatment goals.

Lip Lift

For some patients, a surgical lip lift can enhance the lip shape and restore a natural-looking pout that may have been diminished as a result of the aging process. Many individuals seeking a lip lift experience an elongated upper lip and minimal “tooth show,” a characteristic of a youthful lip pout in which a small portion of the teeth are visible when the lips are at rest and slightly separated. Using techniques that allow virtually undetectable incision placement, Dr. Shadfar can elevate the upper lip for a more defined pout, increased upper lip visibility, and a rejuvenated appearance in the lips overall. The procedure can also be used to enhance the Cupid’s bow or lift downturned corners of the lips. Your surgical goals will ultimately determine what benefits can be achieved with a lip lift and Dr. Shadfar will tailor your treatment plan to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Recovery From Lip Lift And Lip Augmentation

If dermal fillers were used to treat the lips, patients can typically return to their normal daily activities immediately without the need for extensive recovery time. Temporary bruising and swelling may occur; however, these reactions usually subside within three days of treatment.

The morning after surgical lip enhancement, Dr. Shadfar will see the patient in clinic, check all incisions, and go over wound care measures. Sutures will remain in place for seven days. Swelling is expected, so patients must use cool compresses and keep the head elevated to help reduce bruising and swelling. Individuals who have undergone lip enhancement surgery usually have minimal downtime of one to two weeks before returning to work, and we ask those patients traveling from out-of-town to stay for routine checks during this time period.

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